Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just saying "Hi"

Hi everyone,

After a lot of frustration, I've finally figured out how to post on the Dalby blog! That alone is worth a celebration!

I've been busy this summer hiking and writing up trail descriptions for - an organization that welcomes tourists and regular hikers to explore the trails of Mount Rainier year-round. In fact, I'm still working on that project so it might take me a little time to get around to writing about "us". Writing and a love of the natural world seem to run in this family and that's a good thing. My Dad, Fritz, recalled memories of Little Grandma climbing trees well into old age and I also have an old photograph of Little Grandma at Mount Rainier.

You'll be hearing from me again - I have many memories to share (family photos) of years past and perhaps a little bit about what's happening now in my own life.


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